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Educational Technology lab

The present day learning endeavour has become highly technical and sophisticated .The Educational technology room provide a wide range of technical equipment and facilities to make the students contemporary to modern times:-
  1. OHP's
  2. Epidiascope
  3. Slide projector
  4. Interactive Board
  5. LCD projector
  6. Vide range of CDs & slides related to school curricular.
Collection of class room interaction programes prepared by students.
Ms. Minakshi Sood

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Science lab

Science lab has
  1. Chemicals
  2. Equipments(sufficient to the 10th level )
  3. Workable, self explanatory ,improvised models(useful for classroom teaching)
Incharge:- Mrs. Ritu Dang
Dr. Monika Sethi

Art & Crafts Room

Simple Expressional Competencies are an integral part of B.Ed. Curriculum. A number of Crafts like Card Board Modelling, Candle making, Interior Decoration & Home Craft are opted by our students according to their interests. The handicrafts prepared by students are displayed in these rooms.

Ms. Yammuna

Language Lab

Good Communication is the most required skill for present day world of work. To improve the skills of pronunciation and phonetics, language lab having 20 units of hearing & recording having 1-1 contact with a central control system is there. Services of a part time speech therapist are availed. Features:-
  1. Unique voice operated priority in Mic-1 helps in making announcements while music is on
  2. Headphone socket for private monitoring of the proceedings.
  3. Built-in monitor Speaker.
  4. Low distortion figures over the complete frequency range for clear and brilliant sound reproduction.
  5. Ac/12v Dc (Car Battery) operation . Automatic changeover to Battery Operation in case of mains failure ensures uninterrupted service.
  6. Multiple inputs for 3 mics/1 Aux sources.
  7. External speaker connections for 4,8 ohm and 100v.
  8. Active Bass and Treble controls.
  9. Sturdy Tape Deck Mechanism.
Incharge :-Dr. Kuldip Kaur

Psychology Lab

Psychology being applied behavioural science had a lot of experimentation. The lab has
  1. A good collection of Psychological tests.
  2. Display boards.
  3. Counselling cell.
Incharge:- Mrs. Suprerna Khanna

Math Lab

Gone are the days when maths was done with chalk and talk only .Our lab gave a good idea of how :-
  1. Games.
  2. Puzzles.
  3. Models can be prepared and used for teaching and learning of math.
Incharge :- Mrs. Ramandeep kaur

Cardboard Craft lab

One of the crafts provided for students is Card board making. A separate lab to work for the craft & display the handicrafts is there.

 Incharge :- Mrs. Manjit Kaur

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab equipped with interconnected 50 PCs, printer, scanner and wi - fi internet connectivity. Cater to the project and assignment needs of the students.

Mr. Amandeep Singh

Candle Craft Lab

One of the crafts provided is candle making. The lab has a good collection of candles exhibiting the creativite craftsmanship of the students.


Dr. Sangeet Arora

Audio Visual Aids Room

To concretize the abstract concepts in learning A.V. aids plays a significant role. The aids improvised by students are preserved in the A.V. aids Room.

 Incharge:- Mr. Gurwinder Singh

Social Studies Lab

A separate lab to provide hands on experience for teaching learning material in Social Studies is available, where students of the subject gather, discuss and concretize their thoughts in the form of material.

Incharge:- Mrs. Manminder Kaur

Home Science Lab

The lab successfully cater to the needs of teaching Home Science and Home Craft students. The four section under it are:
  1. Cooking.
  2. Knitting and Stiching.
  3. Embroidery.
  4. Home decoration.
                                                                           Incharge:- Dr.. Harmeet Anand,Ms Hardeep Kaur
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