Roll No.


Non-Teaching Staff
PictureCategoryNamePro. QualifcationA/c No.University Approval No.Nature Of JobDesignationDate Of JoiningExp TeachingPay Scale
Administrative StaffMr. Sandeep Verma B.A.,D.C.A 100013647437  Accountant1-03-2009-22290
Administrative StaffMr. Naveen Kumar M. Com., GYANI, CCC 0520-B57597-001  Clerk1-08-2005-18310
Administrative StaffMs. Neelam Rani M.Com,MBA(Finance), CCC 0520-B64832-001  Off.Assist/Comput oper19-02-2009-16000
Non Administrative StaffMs.Raj Wati 100013770221  Library Peon1.6.2006 10916
Non Administrative StaffMr.Dwarika Parsad 100061580850  Store Keeper1.1.2011 11184
Non Administrative StaffMr Rishi Pal 100044957505  Sweeper8.5.1998 11153
Non Administrative StaffMrs.Harbajan Kaur 100044957541  Hostel Peon1.1.2011 8821
Non Administrative StaffMr.Sukhraj Singh 100044957453  Sweeper01.01.2016 10345
Non Administrative StaffMrs.Chhindo Kaur 158146944667  Sweeper1.12.2011 9136
Non Administrative StaffMR. GURSIMRAN PAL SINGH GREWAL 100061580832  Driver01-09-2017 13250
Non Administrative StaffMR. AJAY 100061580841  Gardener02-08-2017 10314
Non Administrative StaffMS. JASBIR KAUR 100061580869  Peon01-10-2017 8987
Non Administrative StaffMR. DINESH PARSAD 100044957444  Gate Man01-08-2004 10662
Non Administrative StaffMRS. ANITA 159878627789  Hostel Peon01-01-2014 8288
Administrative StaffMr. Davinder Singh Matric 100025675451  Supervisor01/08/2013 15890
Library StaffMr. Jaspreet Singh B.Sc., B.Lib.   AdhocAsst. Librarian28-08-2021 15000