Roll No.


Our Achievements
 B.ED Results

1998-1999Harindereet Kaur595/800First college
1999-2000Prem kumar Mittal623/800First in college, VII in P.U
2000-2001Jyoti Rani605/800First in college
2000-2001Harpreet Kaur605/800First in college
2001-2002Pratima Nassa784/1000First in college, II in P.U
2002-2003Harneet Billing794/1000First in college
2003-2004Puneet Kaur767/1000First in college
2004-2005Karuna Mittal774/1000First in college
2004-2005Ramandeep774/1000First in college
2005-2006Shivani Vij765/1000First in college
2007-2008Parveen Kumari874/1100VI in Uni.
2007-2008Sonia Goyal867/1100IX in Uni.
2007-2008Paramjit Kaur865/1100XI in Uni.
2007-2008Rumani864/1100XII in Uni.
2007-2008Aarti Arora855/1100XVII in Uni.
2007-2008Sonia852/1100XIX in Uni.
2008-2009Jasleen 898/1100Ist in the College Ist in P.U.
2008-2009 Ruchita887/1100IInt in College
2008-2009 Reema Kapoor878/1100IIIrd in College
2009-2010Pavneet 920/1100Ist in the College Ist in P.U.
2009-2010Pavneet 920/1100Ist in the College Ist in P.U.
2009-2010Sonu Bala891/1100IInd in College
2009-2010Sheetal888/1100IIIrd in College
2009-2010Mandeep Kaur883/1100IVth in College
2010-2011Suman Rani918Ist in College,Ist in P.U
2010-2011Ushma Aggarwal909IInd in College,IInd in P.U
2010-2011Sandeep Kaur905IIIrd in College,IVth in P.U
2010-2011Megha Dhingra902IVth in College,VIth in P.U
2010-2011Ritika Pathak898Vth in College,VIIIth in P.U
2010-2011Neetu Bala889VIth in College,XVII in P.U
2010-2011Bhavuk Jain888VIIth in College,XVIII in P.U
2010-2011Reetika Sharma887VIIIth in college,XIX in P.U
2011-2012Anu Dua938Ist In college,IInd in P.U
2011-2012Khushboo Singla919IInd in College,Vth in P.U
2011-2012Ruby Rana909IIIrd in college,VIIth in P.U
2011-2012Priyanka Garg905IVth in college,Xth in P.U
2011-2012Harpreet Kaur901Vth in College,XIIth in P.U
2011-2012Kamalpreet Kaur900VIth in college,XIIIth in P.U
2011-2012Baljinder Kaur898VIIth in college,XVth in P.U
2011-2012Harjaspreet Kaur898VIIth in college,XVth in P.U
2011-2012Prabhleen Kaur898VIIth in college,XVth in P.U
2012-2013Payal preet Kaur922/1100Ist in college, VI in P.U
2012-2013Harsimran Kaur917/1100IInd in college, VIII in P.U
2012-2013Avinash Kaur916/1100IIIrd in college, IX in P.U
2012-2013Sarabjot Kaur915/1100IVth in college, X in P.U
2013-14Priya Sharma9151st in College
2013-14Kiranveer9132nd in College
2013-14Parminder Kaur9093rd in College
2013-14Ritu kanda9093rd in College
2014-15Yeenu9361st in College 3rd in PU Chd
2014-15Akansha9272nd in College
2014-15Zinnia Arora9243rd in College
 M.ED Results

2007-2008Ramanjeet Kaur595/700Ist in the College Ist in P.U.
2007-2008Mini Sharma585/700IInd in College IV in P.U.
2007-2008Parvesh Kumar572/700IIIrd in College XIV in P.U.
2008-2009Divya Verma540/700Ist in College Ist in P.U
2008-2009Ritika526/700IInd in College IX in P.U
2008-2009Prabh Simran Kaur522/700IIIrd in College XI in P.U
2008-2009Mohini Sharma518/700IVth in College XV in P.U
2008-2009Neha516/700VI in College XVII in P.U
2008-2009Sonia516/700VI in College XVII in P.U
2009-2010Swarina Sharma551/650Ist in College Ist in P.U
2009-2010Manasvinee 535/650IInd in College VI in P.U
2009-2010Manjot Kaur532/650IIIrd in College VIII in P.U
2010-2011Pavneet Kaur549/650Ist in college,Ist in P.U
2010-2011Inderpreet Kaur535/650IInd in college
2010-2011Reena Rani527/650IIIrd in college
2010-2011Sonu Bala518/650IVth in college
2011-2012Ritu538/650Ist In college,IIIrd in P.U
2011-2012Gagandeep Kaur538/650Ist In college,IIIrd in P.U
2011-2012Ritika536/650IInd in College,IVth in P.U
2011-2012Anshu Pabreja535/650IIIrd in College,Vth in P.U
2011-2012Navjot Singh522/650IVth in college,Xth in P.U
2012-13Prabhleen Kaur5421st in College, VI in University
2012-13Rajni5262nd in College
2012-13Somraj5203rd in College
2012-13Jyoti Walia5194th in College
2013-14Simarjeet Kaur5561st in College, IV in University
2013-14Rupinder Kaur5452nd in College, VIII in Uni
2013-14Baljeet Kaur5383rd in College, XII in Uni
2014-15Rupinder Kaur10111st in University,1st in College
2014-15Prabhjot Kaur9902nd in College
2014-15Simky Shahi9853rd in College